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Hurricane Season Is Here—Are Your Clients Prepared?

June 1 marks the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season...
June 3, 2015

June 1 marks the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Make sure your clients are fully prepared. While you're talking to them about their homeowners, wind and hurricane coverage, don't forget to have the "flood talk." It might be the most important conversation you have with your clients this year.

Flood insurance will help your clients get back on their feet. But only if they have the right coverage to make the necessary repairs and replace their belongings. After any disaster, there are some who find they didn't have enough coverage because they got only what the lender required, not what they truly needed.

Don't put off having this important conversation with your clients. If you wait until a hurricane is approaching, it will be too late. There typically is a 30-day waiting period before a flood policy goes into effect. Check out the other tips and resources on Having the flood talk is not always easy, but it is always important.

Download This Hurricane Tips Flyer for Your Clients! The hurricane season is underway. Make sure your clients are prepared by providing them with PIA's one-page flyer, "Hurricane Tips for Homeowners." It provides information about what policies usually cover, along with some tips on filing claims. Download the 2015 PIA Hurricane Tips flyer (B/W or color).

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Hurricane Tips for Homeowners(Color)
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