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Homeowners Not Sufficiently Scared of Earthquakes

(9/10/2015) State officials and insurance companies think that homeowners in California aren't sufficiently scared of earthquakes... full story

State of Insurance in Louisiana 10 Years After Katrina

(8/19/2015) Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon released a new report on the state's insurance market at the State of Insurance Markets Ten Years Post-Hurricanes K... full story

NOAA Increases Odds of Below-normal Hurricane Season

(8/13/2015) There is a 90 percent probability of a below-normal Atlantic hurricane season, up from early predictions of 70 percent, according to the National Oceanic and At... full story

Report: Health Effects of Hurricane Sandy Still Linger

(8/06/2015) Hurricanes hurt—a lot—for a long time after they pass... full story

Hurricane Season Moves Into Busy Months

(8/06/2015) As the Atlantic hurricane season swings into its busiest months, Mason-Dixon Polling & Research announced last week that 60 percent of Florida residents polled ... full story

El Niño Intensifying, Could Rival Strongest in Recorded History

(7/29/2015) Weather forecasters say that the present El Niño event could become the most powerful on record, as it has intensified since the spring... full story

FEMA Safe Rooms Provide Protection During Storms

(7/17/2015) Having a Federal Emergency Management Agency Safe Room in your home or business can help provide near-absolute protection for your family or employees during ex... full story

One in Five Would Not Evacuate for a Hurricane

(6/19/2015) About 42 percent of Florida and Georgia residents have not made advanced preparations for this year's hurricane season, which began on June 1, according to a re... full story

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