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Small Business & Tax Reform

PIA supports creating a clear and simply tax code, reducing tax rates for small businesses and opposes the creation of any tax provision or regulations that may impede small business growth.

Small businesses have been the backbone to this country’s economy for over 250 years; they stimulate the economy by creating jobs in our local communities and have a history of pulling this country out of recessions. Despite these significant contributions, they are hampered by overly burdensome laws and regulations. Taxes at the state and federal level represent a major cost of doing business and are especially harsh on small businesses. Action has been initiated by Congress and President Obama’s administration to reform the federal tax code and make it easier for small businesses to keep their doors open. PIA will work diligently to ensure that small businesses are part of any tax reform package.

PIA Advocates for Independent Agents by:

  • Supporting legislation in Congress to decrease the corporate income tax rate for small businesses.
  • Working with Congress, the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) to create a simpler tax structure and eliminate unnecessary complexities to create a system that is clear and competitive.
  • Monitoring the activities of the IRS and the SBA to ensure that the voices of small business owners are being heard before any changes are made to current tax code


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