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Plaintiff Who Lost Pants Loses $54 Million Lawsuit Against Dry Cleaner

(7/03/2007) In a ruling that's being widely hailed as one that restores some sanity to the legal system, a judge has dismissed as frivolous a lawsuit... full story

House Moves to Shield Manufacturers From Obesity, Gun Liability

(10/25/2005) Less than 24 hours after a House of Representatives vote in favor of a bill that would provide makers and distributors of food products immunity... full story

FL Lawyers Figure Way Around Med Mal Cap Amendment; Doctors Protest

(8/02/2005) "Please sign here to waive your constitutional rights." That's what some attorneys in Florida have been asking prospective clients ever since November, when 63%... full story

Bush Signs Class Action Reform Into Law

(2/23/2005) One day after the House passed it, President Bush signed the Class Action Fairness Act (S. 5) into law. House passage by a 279-149 vote... full story

Majority of Doctors Experience Trouble Getting Med Mal or "Go Bare"

(12/29/2004) In a recent Medical Economics poll, doctors sounded off about their experiences obtaining medical malpractice insurance. When asked "Are you or your colleagues ... full story

Medicare Decision on Obesity Could Spur Fast Food Lawsuits

(7/28/2004) Legal observers say a decision announced July 15, 2004 by Medicare that treatments for obesity will now be covered could open the door to more... full story

Tort Reform Bill Stalls in Senate

(7/13/2004) An agreement hammered out months ago to pass a class-action reform bill backed by the insurance industry fell apart late last week in the U.S.... full story

Class Action Bill May See Senate Action

(7/07/2004) As the Senate reconvenes this week, the topic of tort reform will be on the agenda. The Class Action Fairness Act (S. 2062) would allow... full story

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