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U.S., UK Reach Insurance Agreement

(12/12/2018) "Covered agreement" is in preparation for Brexit. full story

Take the National Underwriter/PIA Agent Survey!

(12/12/2018) The 2019 National Underwriter/PIA Independent Agent Survey. full story

PIA Praises Passage of Farm Bill Including Crop Insurance

(12/12/2018) As passed, the Farm Bill preserves vital crop insurance provisions. full story

ACA Insurance Sign-ups Drop

(12/12/2018) The number of new customers is down close to 18 percent year-over-year. full story

NAIC: P/C Insurance Premiums Rise

(12/12/2018) Total direct premiums earned for property-casualty lines of business increased by more than $25 billion from 2016 to 2017. full story

Another NFIP Extension

(12/12/2018) The measure extends the National Flood Insurance Program, until December 21. full story

PIA Webinar Spotlight

(12/12/2018) Upcoming PIA National webinars. full story

Commercial Insurance Rates in Flux

(12/12/2018) Renewal rates for six major commercial lines split evenly between higher and lower in November. full story

Free Trial of eForms Wizard Gold Level Package for PIA members Ends December 31

(12/12/2018) PIA members can access eForms Wizard Gold package free of charge through the end of 2018. full story

Another NFIP Extension

(12/10/2018) President Donald Trump has signed into law another NFIP extension. full story

Flood Program Extended for One Week

(12/04/2018) With just hours to go before a scheduled expiration, the House and Senate approved a one-week extension of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). full story

Marriott Data Hack One of Largest In History

(12/04/2018) Marriott’s breach is one of the biggest in history, up to 500 million guests could be affected. full story

Wall Street Journal Supports PIA-Backed Bill

(12/04/2018) The Wall Street Journal has editorialized in favor of the International Insurance Standards Act of 2018 (H.R. 4537). full story

Farm Bill May See Votes

(12/04/2018) The Farm Bill appears headed for a vote in Congress. full story

Argo Group Looks at Future of Insurance

(12/04/2018) A survey of 150 brokers and 200 small and medium enterprises. full story

Building Codes Helped Anchorage Withstand Quake

(12/04/2018) The magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck southern Alaska on Nov. 30 prompted no reports of widespread catastrophic damage. full story

Need a C/L and P/L Comparative Rater for Your Agency?

(12/04/2018) PIA Market Access offers more than just market access. full story

Flood Insurance Faces November 30 Deadline

(11/26/2018) Days away from deadline. full story

FL CFO: Include Mitigation in Flood Bill

(11/26/2018) Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis urged federal leaders to include a flood mitigation requirement as they seek long-term solutions for the NFIP. full story

Insurer’s Error Hikes W/C Costs in PA

(11/26/2018) A data error by an unnamed major insurer may have caused Pennsylvania businesses to pay higher rates for workers’ compensation insurance. full story