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Are You up to the Challenge?

For the past two consecutive years, the PIA National Board of Directors has celebrated 100% participation in PIA National's Political Action Committee (PIAPAC.) That...
March 10, 2004

2004 PIAPAC Chairman's Challenge Kicks Off!

By Kellie Bray
Director of Political Affairs
PIA National

For the past two consecutive years, the PIA National Board of Directors has celebrated 100% participation in PIA National's Political Action Committee (PIAPAC.)  That means that every member of the Board of Directors made a contribution to PIAPAC during the calendar year.  This is an outstanding show of support from PIA's top leaders.

Now PIAPAC Chairman Robert Gyle III of New Fairfield, Connecticut, wants the same to be true of each state and regional affiliate.  Earlier this year, Gyle sent a letter of challenge to PIA affiliate Boards of Directors encouraging each director to contribute to PIAPAC and reach 100% participation.

"PIAPAC's strength comes from PIA members getting involved and supporting candidates that support us.  We need to make sure that insurance-friendly Members of the U.S. House and Senate stay in office and that we can help candidates with an insurance background get elected," says Gyle.

Last year, some state boards challenged one another informally and found that having a "challenge" from another state gave the directors a higher goal and more incentive to get involved in PIAPAC.

Affiliate directors can participate in the Chairman's Challenge by donating to PIAPAC at any time during the 2004 calendar year.  Various ways to contribute include returning the Chairman's Challenge form received in the mail, attending the PIAPAC dinner on March 25 in Washington, D.C., purchasing a PIAPAC raffle ticket at the PIA National Board of Directors meetings, or by completing and returning a contribution form.

Updates on the Chairman's Challenge will be posted periodically in editions of the PIAPAC Election Watch 2004 contributor enewsletter and in Newsline, PIA National's leadership enewsletter.

Every PIA Member Can Participate

In addition to sending updates on money raised from state directors, state affiliate totals will also be listed.  This means that it is important for ALL PIA members to participate in PIAPAC.

Those contributing $500 or more during the year receive special recognition at the annual PIAPAC Dinner.  Each contributor of $100 or more is entitled to receive the PIAPAC Election Watch email newsletter and a PIAPAC lapel pin.

To learn more about the Chairman's Challenge or to see how your affiliate is doing in the Challenge, please contact Kellie Bray, Director of Political Affairs, at or 703-518-1364.


Members of PIAPAC are looking forward to our annual PIAPAC Fundraising Dinner, which will be held at The Monocle restaurant on Capitol Hill.  Preceding the dinner, a reception for all FLS participants will be held in the Capitol building.

The Federal Legislative Summit and our PIAPAC dinner are the two major annual events that showcase PIA's involvement in the federal legislative process and the political process. These two events signal the beginning of efforts that will continue all year round.

Each year when PIA members gather for their visits to Capitol Hill, agents are facing real threats to their businesses, many times from something Congress is considering doing. This year is no exception. That is why it is important that PIA members from around the country participate in our federal efforts, to ensure that lawmakers see things from our point of view.

Whether this involvement means attending our annual events in Washington, D.C., responding to grassroots action alerts, or simply making sure that you give generously to PIAPAC, the goal is the same: doing what we can to make our views known and to prevail.

As we all know, the elections in 2004 are critical. Decisions made and policies persued by those who win will have a direct impact on the businesses of all PIA members. You already have a vested interest in the federal political process.

One thing is certain. You can't be a winner if you don't play the game.

Kellie Bray is Director of Political Affairs for PIA National. She can be reached at  

This article originally appeared in the March 2004 PIA Connection.