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August 9 Is PIA District Lobbying Day

PIA District Lobbying Day has arrived! Even if you haven't made plans to visit a Member of Congress, please continue reading, or click here, to...
August 8, 2006

Part of PIA's Political Involvement and Advocacy Month

August 9 is District Lobbying Day!PIA District Lobbying Day has arrived!Even if you haven't made plans to visit a Member of Congress, please continue reading, or click here, to see how you can participate - right now and right from your computer - in only 5 minutes.

This August, while Congress is in recess and our elected officials are back home in their district offices, PIA members from across America will be meeting with their elected officials and Congressional candidates, to promote the points of view of Professional Insurance Agents and to forge relationships with those who will serve them in Washington, DC.

The focal point of PIA members' visits is August 9, which PIA has designated as District Lobbying Day.

If you will be meeting with your legislators in person as part of DLD - that's great - we have tips for you below, including links to thank-you notes and a press release you can send after your visits.

If you were unable to schedule appointments with your legislators, you can still participate in District Lobbying Day! Simply go to PIA National's Online Grassroots Action Center to send a letter to your U.S. Senators and Representative.  The letter has already been written for you - just click and send or personalize it for even greater effect. Please let your legislators hear from you today!

Why is District Lobbying Day Important?

With so many bread-and-butter insurance issues appearing before Congress now and in the near future, it is imperative that every PIA member becomes involved in the federal political process. We must educate Members of Congress and 2006 election candidates, so they understand and appreciate the views of professional independent agents.

To highlight this effort and encourage a critical mass of involvement from members like you, we have designated August 9 as PIA District Lobbying Day and the entire month of August as Political Involvement and Advocacy Month.

To see everything that Political Involvement and Advocacy Month has to offer, click here.

For Those Making Personal Visits to Members of Congress

For those of you who have set up appointments with your legislators, please remember to download the feedback form that was emailed to you to serve as a template for your notes during your meetings.  After the meetings, using your notes, go to to send your feedback to PIA so that we may follow-up with your legislators in Washington.

To round out your DLD visits, PIA staff has drafted thank-you notes you can send to those you visited and a press release you can send to your local newspapers immediately after your visit(s).

Additional details can be found on the PIA District Lobbying Day web page.

Thank you for your participation in PIA's inaugural District Lobbying Day!