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Agent to Agent: The Art of Negotiation

As agents, we are required to negotiate frequently as a natural course of doing business...
June 5, 2013

As agents, we are required to negotiate frequently as a natural course of doing business. We negotiate every day of our lives with clients, prospects, underwriters, marketing reps and agency personnel.

We negotiate on everything from rates to coverages, and services to deadlines. We also negotiate internally with agency staff to get what we need to win and keep business. By the time we get home to our family, we are just plain “negotiated out,” which explains why our kids are spoiled. Children are relentless negotiators from age 3 until they develop a conscience and some empathy for Mom and Dad.

If you are like me, they didn’t offer electives on negotiation in college, and you’ve probably never received any formal training or education on negotiation. Most of us have learned basic negotiation skills from the school of hard knocks. The education process has been difficult, frustrating and costly. Negotiation has been elevated to an art form by guys like Trump and has taken on an almost mystical status.

All of these factors, real or imagined, have transformed negotiation from a learnable skill that applies the disciplines of preparation, positioning and strategy into a “secret discipline” that is understood by only the astute few. Most of us enter negotiations with a pit in our stomach and this hesitancy and fear typically results in poor outcomes. Embracing negotiation, as an effective tool and a learnable skill, will significantly improve results, revenue and relationships.

Let’s take 5 minutes and discuss the key components of negotiation. First let’s address the universal laws of good negotiation strategy…

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The Art of Negotiation

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