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Agent to Agent: Insight Questions

There are two kinds of natural laws which rule our universe...
August 14, 2013

There are two kinds of natural laws which rule our universe. The first group is represented and explained through physics, mathematics, chemistry and other disciplines. These include Einstein’s theory of relativity, Kepler’s laws on planetary motion and Newton’s laws on gravitation. The second group is more spiritual or enigmatic and attempts to explain the mysteries of life and the human condition. These include the laws of attraction, vibration, gestation and karma. The first group is documented scientific and proven, and the second is unexplained and unproven, but not without merit.

I have my own set of laws that I accumulated and refined over the years to help me understand what influences human behavior. I call them Universal Truths: When considering these natural laws, my pragmatic mindset is hardwired to ask, “How does this apply to sales?” In this article, I want share some universal truths about the power of insightful and intelligent questions as they apply to the sales process.

Questions are the fastest way to build rapport: Everyone’s favorite subject is himself or herself. Experienced producers understand this fact of human nature and use it to their advantage. Always begin a new business interview by asking open-ended questions about the prospect, their history and their business. Direct the topic of conversation with questions, but allow the prospects to control the conversation by talking about themselves. This does several things. First, it relieves any tension in an initial appointment by making the first few minutes conversational. Next, it gives you time to mirror and match your prospect effectively to build rapport. Last, it immediately takes the focus of the conversation off you and puts it on the prospect where it belongs.

Questions require prospects to reveal their personality: Just about every personality profile system I have seen groups human personality types into four distinct styles or a combination of these four styles. It is very difficult to determine the personality style of the person sitting across from you by talking. The only way to learn more about your prospect and who they are is by asking questions, listening and studying them as they respond. Once you have accurately assessed the personality style of your prospect, you can begin to change your style and approach to become simpatico with your prospect or client, greatly improving your chances of hitting it off.

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