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Agent to Agent: The Language of Sales

As agents and producers, the ability to communicate effectively is critical to our success...
July 3, 2013

As agents and producers, the ability to communicate effectively is critical to our success. Studies show that only 30% of the information we receive in the context of a conversation is verbal. Almost 67% is nonverbal. Humans are an extremely visual species. Be aware of the huge role that body language plays during communication. One of the keys to effective communication is understanding how others perceive us.

There are 4 distinct personality styles, and some are similar and others are diametrically opposed to one another. Conflicting personality styles create misunderstanding and can lead to mistrust. Personality styles also impact how people like to buy, what I call their “Buying Style.” As sales professionals, our job is to learn to identify different personality styles, understand their differences and nuances and then learn to adjust our approach to appeal to their buying style. Part of this process is education, and part is observation. Anyone can sell to someone who shares the same personality and buying style. As the old adage goes, “the easiest person to sell is a salesperson.” That’s because most salespeople share similar personality traits. The question is: Can you sell to the other 75% of insurance buyers? If you cannot, you are potentially missing a big piece of the pie.

The very best in our business have learned skills that help them appeal to a wide cross section of the population…

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The Language of Sales

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