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Agent to Agent: Shark Proof

Shark Proof. That’s an interesting name for an article on insurance sales, right?...
April 24, 2013

Shark Proof. That’s an interesting name for an article on insurance sales, right? It’s designed to get your attention because you need to read this article. A “shark” is what I call the kind of producer you don’t want anywhere near your clients. It’s actually a huge compliment. It describes a producer who is a consummate hunter, and a true production machine. Sharks are experienced pros, who know the business and are experts at creating doubt, pain and buyer's remorse on the part of your clients. They are also experts at breaking relationships.

Fortunately, I work with many sharks and have the opportunity to watch them work. In this article, I’m going to share with you the best defense for their offense. Some are upset with me for writing this article, but I’ve told them not to worry, because the average agent won’t make the changes needed to protect their best clients.

The interesting piece about sharks is that most are very professional as they tear apart your policy, question the quality of service you provide and generally wreak havoc with your clients creating dissatisfaction and a desire to change. Don’t blame them, they just provide the ammo; your clients come to their own conclusions and pull the trigger. I know my vocabulary is a bit severe, but so will be your response if you lose one of your best clients to a shark. And let me emphasize “Best Clients” because sharks don’t toy around with small accounts, and if they find a weakness in your game, they’ll find others you insure, and there will be a feeding frenzy.

Read the rest of this article by David Connolly of iQ Consulting here:
Shark Proof

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