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Your Car May be Invading Your Privacy

Is your car spying on you?...
March 27, 2013

Is your car spying on you? Recent car models have elaborate systems with transponders and other devices that can monitor driving habits or destinations and make the information available to others. The driver may have authorized others to obtain this information, or may be completely unaware of being tracked. Privacy is expected to become more difficult to protect as the government prepares to make the installation of black box accident recorders, a simpler version of those on airlines, mandatory. The devices, which are already installed in approximately 96 percent of new cars, record all critical details leading to a crash, including the car’s speed and seat belt use. Although the intention of collecting the information is to make cars safer and to give drivers more services and conveniences, the information could be used in lawsuits or obtained by the government or marketers. Full Text

Your Car May Be Invading Your Privacy (USA Today 3/25/13)

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