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New NFIP Customer Survey in April

NFIP Customer Survey
March 29, 2017

Your flood insureds may be asked to participate in a survey in April.

The Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration’s (FIMA) National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is preparing to conduct a second “What Matters to Customers” survey to NFIP policyholders. FIMA previously released this survey in November 2015, and as a result, gained valuable insights into the “Voice of the Customer” to help agents understand and address customer pain points. As a result of this effort, FIMA has embarked on a multi-year effort to transform the customer experience, from shopping and sign-up to processing claims.

The 2017 customer survey will open the first week of April to current and previous policyholders, and will be open for two to three weeks. The survey will be distributed to policyholders who had flood insurance for the last two years on a primary or secondary residence and can offer “informed unbiased responses” (defined as respondents that: make household financial decisions, own a home, and do not work for an insurance company, advertising agency, or market research firm). Respondents will be identified and interviewed through a third-party service to ensure anonymity of their responses.

If you have any questions about this survey, or receive inquiries from policyholders about the survey, please contact FIMA’s Customer Experience Office (CXO) staff at:,, or