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Flood Insurance Producers Meet

The Flood Insurance Producers National Committee (FIPNC).
November 6, 2018

On October 16-17, PIA National government relations staff joined PIA National Immediate Past President Tim Russell (CT) at a meeting of the Flood Insurance Producers National Committee (FIPNC). During the meeting, several issues important to flood agents were discussed, including the creation of a flood agent online directory/locator tool, the possibility of enhancing the frequency and variety of continuing education options for independent agents who sell flood insurance products, and how to better prepare agents for forthcoming map changes.

FEMA also expressed its desire to implement a tracking system of independent agents that sell NFIP policies. PIA National has questions as to the purpose(s) of such data collection and tracking and will work with FEMA as it looks for ways to do so. In addition, staff from FEMA provided an update on the upcoming expiration of the NFIP, including information on their plans for a possible lapse in the program for a significant period. Congress must renew the program, which is now is scheduled to expire on November 30.

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