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Pennsylvania Halts Participation in NAIC Fingerprint Database

(2/22/2006) Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Diane Koken has halted her department's participation in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Digital Finger... full story

NCOIL to Review Market Conduct Initiatives

(2/22/2006) Lawmakers at the upcoming NCOIL meetings will hold a special session to review viable NCOIL market conduct reform initiatives. Specifically, an NCOIL Market Co... full story

NCOIL to Address Catastrophe Plan, Reform Steps

(2/22/2006) State lawmakers from across the country will examine a draft catastrophe plan and decide on the next steps to take on insurance reform, as the... full story

Donelon Sworn In as Louisiana Commissioner; Predecessor Wooley Joins Law Firm

(2/22/2006) Former Louisiana Department of Insurance deputy commissioner Jim Donelon has been sworn in as insurance commissioner. He succeeds J. Robert Wooley, who resigned... full story

PIA EVP Brevik to Present During NCOIL Panel

(2/22/2006) On February 25, members of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) will participate in a general session on state building codes, including the... full story

Guess Who's Making a Movie About Insurance - Michael Moore

(2/14/2006) The insurance industry will be getting some additional media exposure in the future, and it's a fair bet that the added publicity won't be good.... full story

Be a Part of the PIA Circle

(2/10/2006) Part of the benefit of being a member of a national association like PIA is the opportunity to band together with individuals in the... full story

PIA Files Fingerprinting Comments With NAIC

(2/08/2006) PIA National submitted another round of comments in advance of the NAIC meeting February 5-8 in Naples, Florida. The communication expressed concerns about deli... full story

PIA of Ohio Letter Leads Taft to Call for Review of Ads in Vehicle Registration Renewals

(2/08/2006) Ohio Governor Bob Taft (R) says the inclusion of an ad for a major insurance company in mailings from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles... full story

NAIC Leaders Hold Conference; OFC, Fingerprinting to be Addressed

(2/08/2006) State insurance Commissioners are in the midst of four days of meetings in Naples, Florida. Topics at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)... full story

Ohio Gov. Taft Orders Review of Ads for Auto Insurance in State Registration Renewals

(2/07/2006) WASHINGTON, February 7, 2006 - You get your vehicle registration renewal notice in the mail. It says you must certify that you have... full story

PIA of Ohio Protests Insurance Ads in Vehicle Registration Renewals

(2/01/2006) PIA of Ohio is speaking out on behalf of independent insurance agents and consumers in the state by objecting to auto insurance advertisements being included...... full story

Massachusetts Insurance Agent Gunned Down Execution Style Worked for PIA Agency

(2/01/2006) A 39-year-old insurance agent who was gunned down execution-style as he arrived at his office worked for a PIA member agency. Edward Schiller was an... full story

The 2006 PIA Federal Legislative Summit - Where You Make the Difference!

(2/01/2006) There's no such thing as an overnight success on Capitol Hill. Legislative victories require sustained hard work and dedication - the kind... full story

Top 3 Consumer Insurance Complaints: Delays, Denials, Small Settlements

(1/24/2006) The top three reasons consumers filed formal complaints against their insurance companies in 2005 were delays, denials and unsatisfactory settlement offers, acc... full story

District Attorney Says Murder of Massachusetts Insurance Agent "An Execution"

(1/24/2006) Police in Massachusetts are still searching for the person or persons who murdered an insurance agent in a Newton parking garage. Edward Schiller of Framingham.... full story

Agents Invited to Take the ACORD-AUGIE Survey

(1/24/2006) Agency producers, principals and CSRs are being invited to tell carriers and vendors what they need to do their jobs better. They are all invited... full story

No Arrests Yet in Murder of Massachusetts Insurance Agent

(1/18/2006) Police in Massachusetts say no arrests have been made in the murder of an insurance agent who was shot in the head Friday morning in... full story

PIA's Brevik Named to Top 100 'Most Powerful' List for Second Year in Row

(1/18/2006) For the second year in a row Leonard C. Brevik, executive vice president and CEO of the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA), has... full story

Report Says AIG Expected to Pay $1 Billion-plus to Settle Probes

(1/18/2006) American International Group Inc. (AIG) is expected to pay over $1 billion to settle civil-fraud investigations by state and federal authorities, according to a... full story