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Why Agents Need to be Concerned About Technology Legislation

(9/05/2005) So, you might ask, "why are technology issues being discussed on Capitol Hill important to me and my agency?" The answer is that technology... full story

The Key to Success on Capitol Hill? Get Involved!

(9/03/2005) One of the benefits of belonging to a national trade association is the ability to join with thousands of others across the nation to... full story

NAIC Mulls Changing or Canceling Fall Meetings Slated for New Orleans

(8/29/2005) [In light of Hurricane Katrina] Officials of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) are discussing what to do about their Fall meetings, whi... full story

Don't Lose a Good Night's Sleep on Bad Hires

(8/29/2005) Are you tired of wasting time and money on employees who simply can't - or won't - deliver? You need talented... full story

Court Rules Iowa DOI Has No Duty to Investigate Consumer Complaints

(8/23/2005) A judge in Iowa has ruled that the Iowa Insurance Division is under no obligation to investigate consumer complaints. Kathryn Radloff-Francis had sued the state... full story

National Underwriter: "Bob Hunter Should Just Shut Up"

(8/23/2005) The Editor-in-chief of the Life and Health edition of the National Underwriter, Steve Piontek, recently wrote a column taking to task J. Robert Hunter, the... full story

PA Gov. Rendell Urges State Pick Up National Guard Life Insurance Tab

(8/23/2005) Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has urged state legislators to pass a law to have the state pay for the life insurance premiums for National Guard... full story

Do Employees Place Value on Benefits Provided?

(8/12/2005) The answer to this question is yes! When an individual is considering making a change in employment, one of the top factors they will... full story

Who's WRONG For Your Agency?

(8/11/2005) Hiring managers face a real dilemma when they must decide which applicant will be the most productive and the most compatible with their work environment.... full story

Willis Group Holdings CEO Plumeri Decries "Insurance Terrorists"

(8/09/2005) Willis Group Holdings chairman and chief executive officer Joseph Plumeri has criticized what he termed "insurance terrorists" for engaging in irrational pricin... full story

The Hartford Reports 39 Percent Increase in Q2 Profits

(8/09/2005) The Hartford Financial Services Group one of the nation's largest financial services and insurance companies, reported a 39-percent increase in net income from ... full story

Contact Members of Congress and Urge TRIA Extension

(7/25/2005) The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) is set to expire on December 31, 2005. PIA members: your Members of Congress need to hear personal stories... full story

PIA Insurance Technology Coalition Examines the Data Security/Identity Theft Issue on Capitol Hill

(7/20/2005) WASHINGTON, July 20, 2005 - Participants attending a special meeting of the PIA Insurance Technology Coalition (ITC) on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. July 19.... full story

Conning Projects Strong Results for Life Insurance

(7/19/2005) The U.S. life insurance industry is projected to post operating gains in 2005 and 2006 that build on the strong results for 2003 and 2004.... full story

PIA of Georgia, Georgia DOI, Warn Against Altering Certificates

(7/19/2005) Agents in Georgia have been contacting the Professional Insurance Agents of Georgia to discuss requests to make alternations to Georgia Certificates of Insuranc... full story

Are All CSRs Created Equal?

(7/14/2005) A Perfect Fit Finding the right CSR for your job can be frustrating, time-consuming and tedious - somewhat like finding the one person who... full story

Study Shows Auto Injury Claimants File Different Claims in Different States

(7/12/2005) Auto injury claimants from four states seek different types of medical treatment, even though they report similar injuries. A new study of insurance claims by..... full story

Greenberg Signals He May Want to Settle With Spitzer

(7/06/2005) Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, the ousted chief executive of American International Group (AIG), may be willing to negotiate with New York Attorney General Eliot Spi... full story

Teacher Charged with Giving Passing Grades if Students Burn Car

(7/06/2005) Authorities with the Harris County, Texas Sheriff's Department allege a chemistry teacher in Houston who was months behind on her car payments gave passing grad... full story

A Victory for PIA's Grassroots Campaign - Congress Passes Fax Bill, FCC Issues Stay

(7/06/2005) PIA is praising the passage by Congress of the Junk Fax Protection Act of 2005 (S. 714). The bill restores a key exemption regarding commercial... full story