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Revised Outlook: Average Hurricane Season

(6/05/2018) The forecast now calls for a near-average season with a total of 14 named storms. full story

Agent/Broker Employment Rises

(6/05/2018) The agent/broker segment gained 5,600 jobs from April 2018 over April 2017. full story

Drug-Impaired Driving Increases

(6/05/2018) 44% of drivers who died and were tested had positive results for drugs in 2016 full story

Businesses in Ellicott City, Md. Struggle to Rebuild

(6/05/2018) Businesses in historic Ellicott City, Md., will again rely on a mix of insurance, disaster aid, loans, and community support. full story

Cities Still Wait for 2017 Hurricane Aid

(6/05/2018) Municipalities in Florida and Texas are still waiting for promised 2017 hurricane aid. full story

Ensure Your Clients Are Prepared This Hurricane Season

(6/05/2018) Take steps now to convert your clients and prospects into flood insurance clients. full story

7 Ways to Develop Your Team Using Behavioral Assessments

(6/05/2018) Teams are not simple; however, a good manager can make it look like they are. full story

PIA Praises House Passage of S. 2155

(5/30/2018) S. 2155 contains a PIA-supported provision that would increase transparency at global insurance standard-setting regulatory forums and on any international insu... full story

FBI: Reboot Your Home Router

(5/30/2018) The FBI is hoping to thwart a sophisticated malware system linked to Russia. full story

Cyber 101: Essential Information About Network Security

(5/30/2018) Cyber 101 is an educational resource created by PIA and The PIA Partnership. full story

Flooded Residents Wonder About Rebuilding

(5/30/2018) Residents and business owners in Ellicott City, Md. are assessing their future plans. full story

Increase in U.S. Traffic Deaths Leads World

(5/30/2018) The United States leads the world in increased traffic deaths. full story

Study: Future Hurricanes Will Be Wetter

(5/30/2018) A new study says hurricanes of the future will be more like Hurricane Harvey. full story

USDA/RMA Issues Bulletin on Crop Pro Hail Policies

(5/30/2018) USDA/RMA) has issued a bulletin addressing options for farm producers. full story

Looking for Marketing Support for Your Agency?

(5/30/2018) Look to the PIA Branding Program! full story

7 Insurance Considerations for the New Graduate

(5/30/2018) New college graduates need to better understand insurance. full story

FEMA: Don’t Count on Feds Right After Hurricanes

(5/21/2018) The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) warned local governments not to count on the federal government to step in immediately after a natural disaster. full story

Broad Support in Congress for Crop Insurance

(5/21/2018) An amendment to the Farm Bill that was bad for crop insurance was overwhelmingly defeated. full story

Some Health Insurers Find Profitability in New ACA Marketplace

(5/21/2018) Some health insurers are seeing strong first-quarter profits in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange business and are considering expanding. full story

Hurricane Season Is on the Horizon

(5/21/2018) As part of PIA’s ongoing partnership with The Hartford’s flood insurance program, we are proud to provide PIA members with the latest Flood Agent eNewslette... full story