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PIA Supports Tax Certainty Act

(3/16/2021) Measure would make permanent the 20% tax deduction currently available to some pass-through entities. full story

What to Do Before and After An Earthquake

(3/16/2021) Steps you can take to be prepared. full story

Concern About BI Claims Across the Pond

(3/16/2021) Following UK higest court ordering leading insurance companies to pay millions of pounds to thousands of small businesses for business interruption. full story

Strategic Planning and Leadership Development

(3/16/2021) In PIA's Blueprint for Agency Success. full story

Learn More About Your PIA Member Benefits

(3/16/2021) A refresher about how to maximize your membership. full story

Forecasters Mull Starting Hurricane Season Earlier

(3/10/2021) From June 1 to May 15 due to surges in May storms. full story

200K ACA Signups in Two Weeks

(3/10/2021) At start of special enrollment period. full story

PIA National Calls for Spring 2021 Award Nominations

(3/10/2021) Deadline is is Friday, March 19, 2021. full story

PIA Supports Introduction of Bill to Make Small Business Tax Deduction Permanent

(3/10/2021) For PIA, passage of this legislation is a top priority. full story

More Quake Coverage Needed in Southeast Missouri

(3/10/2021) Most homeowners in southeast Missouri are unlikely to have insurance coverage for losses from an earthquake. full story

ALERT: How to Avoid COVID-19 Vaccination Scams

(3/10/2021) NAIC Issues a Consumer Alert. full story

Traffic Deaths Up 8 Percent Despite Less Miles Travelled

(3/10/2021) Fatality rate per 100 million miles driven was up 24 percent. full story

Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover Flood Damage, but PIA's Program With Floodbroker Can Help You Ensure Your Clients Are Protected

(3/10/2021) A tool that makes it easy to quote flood right on your agency website. full story

FEMA Expected to Bifurcate NFIP Revamp

(3/10/2021) Higher Rates to be Phased In full story

COVID-19 Travel Insurance Becoming More Popular

(3/10/2021) Market is estimated to be between $30 billion to $40 billion a year. full story

Explore New Methods Of Recruiting With Winning@Talent

(3/10/2021) A PIA Partnership Program full story

Latest From the PIA Advocacy Blog

(3/10/2021) Your one-stop shop for the latest legislaive and regulatory developments. full story

PIA Webinar Spotlight

(3/10/2021) Upcoming PIA webinars full story

FEMA Expected to Bifurcate NFIP Revamp

(3/03/2021) Under FEMA’s Risk Rating 2.0 initiative. full story

Fed Chairman Affirms “Easy-Money” Strategy

(3/03/2021) The Fed will continue to support the economy with near-zero interest rates. full story