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Oklahoma Governor Says Insurance Commissioner Could Be Appointive

(8/17/2004) As an Oklahoma legislative committee considers impeaching state Insurance Commissioner Carroll Fisher, who is facing criminal charges, Governor Brad Henry (D) i... full story

Work Continues on NAIC Fingerprinting Model

(8/10/2004) The Fingerprint Subgroup of the National Association of Insurance Commissioner's (NAIC) Producer Licensing Working Group held a conference call on Thursday, Aug... full story

Twenty-two States Issue Bulletins on Insurance for Returning Soldiers

(8/10/2004) State departments of insurance are continuing to respond to PIA's campaign on behalf of returning U.S. soldiers. Twenty two states have issued advisory letters,... full story

PIAPAC Plans New Orleans Style Event in Orlando

(8/10/2004) On Saturday, the 11th of September, PIA members will gather to support PIAPAC and enjoy an evening of Mardi Gras fun at Pat O'Brien's Briars... full story

Commercial Construction Costs Up 11 Percent - Are Your Clients Adequately Insured?

(8/04/2004) The cost of replacing an existing property has increased substantially in recent months due to rapidly rising prices for building materials such as steel and...... full story

AON Reports Combined Ratio Cut Six Points

(8/04/2004) A new research report published by Chicago-based insurance broker Aon reports that insurance industry results improved in 2003 with the combined ratio being cut... full story

Trial Lawyers to Insurance Journal: Drop Dead

(8/04/2004) While the 2004 Republican and Democratic conventions are supposed to be devoid of any real controversy, the same cannot be said for the annual convention... full story

Safeco Posts Dividend Increase

(8/04/2004) The Board of Directors of Safeco announced an increase to the company's quarterly dividend. Mike McGavick, Safeco chairman and chief executive officer, said it ... full story

AIG Earnings Up 26 Percent

(8/04/2004) American International Group Inc. (AIG) reported net income of $2.86 billion for the second quarter, compared with a net of $2.28 billion posted for the... full story

Tennessee DOI Orders Workers Comp Cut

(8/04/2004) Insurance Commissioner Paula Flowers has ordered a reduction averaging 6.3% in the workers' comp "loss cost" multiplier in Tennessee, the major ingredient that ... full story

Voluntary Products Fastest Growing Insurance Segment

(8/04/2004) The fastest-growing segment of the insurance industry is voluntary benefits -- life, disability and other coverages offered at group rates, but with no employer... full story

Brevik, PIA Staff Meet With Senators Bunning, Sarbanes

(8/04/2004) PIA National staff met on Thursday, July 22 with two members of the U.S. Senate to thank them for their support in getting the recent... full story

Rise in Demand for Terrorism Insurance Attributed to Political Conventions

(7/28/2004) Insurance brokers in Boston and New York are reporting an increase in demand for terrorism insurance, as property owners anticipate greater risks during the wee... full story

Ario and Skelton Testify Before NCSL on Use of CLUE Reports

(7/28/2004) During the recent annual meeting of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), ChoicePoint Assistant Vice President Jeffrey Skelton and Colorado Insu... full story

NCSL Adopts Policy Resolution for Insurance Regulatory Modernization

(7/28/2004) On Wednesday, July 21, the Standing Committee on Financial Services of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) met to decide NCSL's policy on the..... full story

NCOIL Working to Develop Uniformity in Market Conduct Examinations Across States

(7/28/2004) Last week, the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) was winding up their model/report efforts to develop a uniform approach to market conduct ex... full story

GAO Recommends Improvements in Fire Safety for Nursing Homes

(7/28/2004) The General Accounting Office (GAO) has issued a report with recommendations on strengthening federal fire safety standards for nursing homes. In 2003, 31 resid... full story

NCOIL Passes TRIA Extension Resolution

(7/20/2004) The National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) has adopted a resolution urging Congress to extend the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA). The law is ... full story

PIA's Don Flanders Chairs NCOIL Forum on CLUE

(7/20/2004) Don Flanders, chairman of the PIA National Regulatory Affairs Committee, moderated a panel discussion on the use of CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchan... full story

Funeral Director Accused of Collecting on Prepaid Policies on People Still Alive

(7/20/2004) A funeral director has been accused in a civil suit filed by the state of Missouri of collecting on the prepaid funeral policies of live... full story