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Five More States Respond to PIA Call on Insurance and Returning U.S. Soldiers

(7/20/2004) Five more states have responded to PIA's call to make it clear that no U.S. soldier returning from active duty overseas should be denied auto... full story

Allstate Cuts Returning Vets A Break

(7/20/2004) Allstate Insurance Company is beginning to relax its automobile insurance underwriting guidelines for U.S. servicemen and women returning from military deployme... full story

Conning Estimates $14 to $24 Billion Gap in P/C Reinsurance Recoverables

(7/20/2004) A growing gap in expectations between cedants and reinsurers may develop into a critical concern for the industry, according to a new study by Conning... full story

House Subcommittee Approves Measure Barring Banks From Real Estate Brokerage

(7/20/2004) On July 15, 2004 the House Transportation, Treasury, and Independent Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee approved a measure that effectively bars the Treasury ... full story

New Poll Shows Wide Support for Increasing Auto Safety

(7/13/2004) With highway fatalities hitting a 13-year high and rollover crashes on the rise in 2003, nine of ten Americans say they support the federal government... full story

California Department of Insurance Computer Hacked, Agents Notified

(7/13/2004) A California Department of Insurance (CDI) computer server, used for pre-licensing purposes, was accessed without authorization on June 30, 2004. The Department... full story

Some California Wildfire Victims Discover They Were Underinsured

(7/13/2004) Many homeowners in the mountain communities of Southern California discovered in the aftermath of last year's wildfires that their insurance policies were not u... full story

Ten States Have Issued Bulletins on Returning Soldiers' Insurance

(7/07/2004) On May 19, PIA launched a nationwide campaign calling on all state DOIs to make it clear that no insurance company should deny auto coverage... full story

Acuity Named Best Mid Sized Company for Which to Work

(7/07/2004) The Great Place to Work Institute and the Society for Human Resources Management has named Acuity insurance company the best mid-size company to work for... full story

Oregon Says Returning Soldiers Should Not Face Auto Insurance Penalty

(7/01/2004) Oregon is the latest state to issue a bulletin advising that "continuous coverage" underwriting standards should not be applied to U.S. soldiers returning from ... full story

NAIC Calls for Two-Year TRIA Extension

(6/29/2004) The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) issued a press release commenting on its endorsement of a resolution passed at their summer national ... full story

Conning: P/C Industry Expense Revolution Overdue

(6/29/2004) Property-casualty insurers' cost of doing business has stagnated over the past 20 years, contrasting with the remarkable efficiency gains achieved by many other... full story

Michigan Latest State to Issue Bulletin on Returning Soldiers' Insurance

(6/29/2004) Michigan is the latest state to issue a bulletin advising insurers not to apply "continuous coverage" underwriting standards to U.S. soldiers returning from act... full story

NAIC Creates Roadmap to Modernize Regulatory Standards

(6/25/2004) The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has presented House Financial Services Committee Chairman Michael Oxley (R-Ohio) with a "roadmap" out... full story

A PIA Call-to-Arms: Don't Raise Insurance Rates of Our Returning Soldiers!

(6/25/2004) State officials are responding to a nationwide campaign by PIA National to make it clear that no member of the U.S. Armed Forces should... full story

At the Dawn of the Reagan Era

(6/25/2004) Editor's Note: On June 5, 2004, Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, passed away at the age of 93. Since... full story

Every Contribution Counts…and PIAPAC is Counting On You!

(6/25/2004) You have seen the latest PIAPAC ad [below] in the PIA Connection with the rolling count of contributors to PIA's Political Action Committee (PIAPAC).... full story

New Mexico, Indiana Issue Bulletins on Insurance for U.S. Soldiers

(6/23/2004) Two more states have responded to PIA's call-to-arms on behalf of U.S. Armed Forces personnel returning from active duty. New Mexico and Indiana have issued... full story

TRIA a Hot Topic at the NAIC Summer Meeting

(6/22/2004) Facing the potential expiration of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) if Congress does not extend it, the insurance industry continues to fight for an... full story

NAIC Debates Fiduciary Responsibility of Insurance Producers Model Act

(6/22/2004) The NAIC's Antifraud Task Force met on Sunday, June 13, 2004, to discuss a draft of its controversial Fiduciary Responsibility of Insurance Producers Model Act.... full story