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Farm Bill May See Votes

(12/04/2018) The Farm Bill appears headed for a vote in Congress. full story

Argo Group Looks at Future of Insurance

(12/04/2018) A survey of 150 brokers and 200 small and medium enterprises. full story

Building Codes Helped Anchorage Withstand Quake

(12/04/2018) The magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck southern Alaska on Nov. 30 prompted no reports of widespread catastrophic damage. full story

Need a C/L and P/L Comparative Rater for Your Agency?

(12/04/2018) PIA Market Access offers more than just market access. full story

Flood Insurance Faces November 30 Deadline

(11/26/2018) Days away from deadline. full story

FL CFO: Include Mitigation in Flood Bill

(11/26/2018) Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis urged federal leaders to include a flood mitigation requirement as they seek long-term solutions for the NFIP. full story

Insurer’s Error Hikes W/C Costs in PA

(11/26/2018) A data error by an unnamed major insurer may have caused Pennsylvania businesses to pay higher rates for workers’ compensation insurance. full story

Private Equity Deals and Instability

(11/26/2018) . Janet Yellen, the former chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve, told the Financial Times last month that she was worried by a “huge deterioration” in corporat... full story

P&C Execs Try a Little Fun and Face Time to Recruit Millennials

(11/26/2018) Efforts aimed at aimed at Millennials and Gen Z students. full story

Louisiana Least Affordable for Auto Insurance

(11/26/2018) Frequency of auto accidents, claims and litigation are blamed. full story

Update: Insurance Fraud

(11/26/2018) Insurance industry estimates generally put fraud at about 10 percent of the property/casualty insurance industry’s incurred losses and loss adjustment expense... full story

NFIP Faces Nov. 30 Deadline

(11/20/2018) The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is facing another expiration deadline. full story

CA Wildfire Losses to Reach Record Levels

(11/20/2018) The Camp and Woolsey Wildfires in California are expected to contribute to another record year for insured wildfire losses, according to A.M. Best. full story

J.D. Power: Insurers Score High for Hurricane Response

(11/20/2018) Many consumers reported that their insurers had met or exceeded their expectations. full story

Are You FIRA Compliant?

(11/20/2018) The Federal Insurance Reform Act of 2004. full story

NAIC Honors State Insurance Regulators with Awards

(11/20/2018) The NAIC recognized two state regulators. full story

US, UK May Get Covered Agreement

(11/20/2018) A UK-US Covered Agreement could be in place as early as December this year. full story

U.S., European Insurance Regulators Meet

(11/20/2018) At the sixth EU-U.S. Forum in Luxembourg. full story

NAIC Elects 2019 Officers

(11/20/2018) During its Fall National Meeting in San Francisco. full story

PIA Urges Bipartisanship in 116th Congress

(11/14/2018) After the election results were known, PIA issued a statement. full story