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Election Day

(11/06/2018) Tuesday November 6 is midterm Election Day. full story

Floods Now Affecting Where People Live

(11/06/2018) The Wall Street Journal finds that coastal storms and flooding may be affecting real estate values. full story

Florence Toll $17 Billion, Half Not Covered

(11/06/2018) North Carolina estimates that Hurricane Florence caused nearly $17 billion in damage to homes, businesses and farms. full story

Lawmakers Prepare Bill to Aid Farmers

(11/06/2018) An emergency aid package is being prepared for a handful of southern states. full story

Flood Insurance Producers Meet

(11/06/2018) The Flood Insurance Producers National Committee (FIPNC). full story

Flood is the Nation’s Most Common and Costly Disaster

(11/06/2018) The Hartford wants to be your go to flood market. full story

Open Enrollment for Marketplace Coverage

(11/06/2018) The open enrollment period for 2019 health insurance coverage through Marketplaces and other individual plans is here. full story

Fuel Trust & Employee Engagement With Authentic Communication

(11/06/2018) In a work setting, just what is authentic communication and how can it help? full story

ACA Agent/Broker Portal Back After Hack

(10/31/2018) The Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange portal for agents and brokers is now back up and running. full story

Spate of Violence Prompts ASAE Statement

(10/30/2018) PIA condemns this violence, which has no place in our country. full story

Beware Flooded Cars in Resale Market

(10/30/2018) 480,000 vehicles were flooded in recent storms. full story

NJ Floodplain Managers Hear Dutch Flood Control Expert

(10/30/2018) A Dutch flood control expert addresses New Jersey floodplain managers. full story

Have Clients With Hurricane Florence Damage?

(10/30/2018) This month’s Flood Agent eNewsletter addresses FEMA’s Hurricane Florence Resource Section. full story

When the Flood Hits It’s Too Late

(10/30/2018) Do your clients know that they live in a flood zone? full story

Officials Make ACA Waivers Easier

(10/30/2018) A new policy to make it easier for states to obtain ACA waivers. full story

Microinsurance on the Horizon for Puerto Rico

(10/30/2018) The Puerto Rico Senate recently passed legislation to incorporate microinsurance in the local market. full story

2018 PIA Agent of Year in Rough Notes

(10/30/2018) Carla Jean Marks is profiled. full story

Learn First-Hand How DocIt for Agents Can Improve Your Auto Quoting Process

(10/30/2018) DocIT for Agents is changing the way PIA members quote auto insurance. full story

Pet Insurance Sales Top $1 Billion

(10/30/2018) U.S. pet owners spent more than $1 billion on pet insurance last year, up 23 percent. full story

Google Invests in Applied Systems

(10/23/2018) Google has purchased a minority stake in Applied Systems. full story