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PIA's Online CE Courses - Convenience, Flexibility and Value

Everyone knows time is money, and you can save both time and money by using PIA's online CE courses. The largest number of state...
August 1, 2005

Everyone knows time is money, and you can save both time and money by using PIA's online CE courses.  The largest number of state approved CE courses in the industry is available at your desk and at your convenience via PIA websites in participating states.  There you'll find a broad range of very affordable P&C and L&H insurance courses approved for CE credit.  And the convenience and flexibility of taking these courses on your schedule without travel time and expense can free up your time for other moneymaking and personal activities.

Practicing insurance industry experts author all of PIA's online CE courses, and access is available if you want to email the author with questions or comments.  The easy to read online format allows you to quickly review any course without charge by skipping back and forth between the chapters, just like flipping through a book.  You only pay when you are ready to take the exam for CE credit, and your cost is less than $40 per course, which count for 3-15 CE credits.  Payment is via a secure (SSL) credit card transaction. You have three opportunities to pass a randomly generated exam.

These online courses are also very easy to use. Don't worry if you disconnect from the Internet (intentionally or otherwise) while taking a course.  Automatic bookmarks will take you back to where you were. Simply log in again and select the course you were working on.  The software remembers where you were and takes you right back to that point in the text.

Other advantages of PIA's online CE courses include individual record keeping online for each student and free use of the online courses as quick reference material to enhance daily productivity.  Insurance professionals need to document their training history and the PIA system automatically records, stores and reports this information for you.

PIA's online courses are the best value available anywhere for insurance industry CE credits.  You are in control and you are the one who saves time and money.  Many PIA affiliates offer these online courses in addition to their other educational offerings. To see what is available through your local PIA affiliate association, please visit their website. To see if your local PIA affiliate is participating in the PIA National online training program described here and to get started, visit the online education page of PIA National's website today.

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