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Step-by-Step Instructions for the PIA Branding Program

(1) To get started, log on to There you can preview PIA's print and radio ads and read FAQs. (2) Follow the "download"...
January 26, 2007

Want to use the ads in the PIA Branding Program but not sure how? Here are step-by-step instructions for PIA members.

(1) To get started, log on to There you can preview PIA's print and radio ads and read FAQs. 

(2) Follow the "download" links to download the high-resolution print ads and the broadcast-quality radio ads from their respective "File Download Pages." For additional information and resources, follow the links to "learn more about the PIA Branding Program."

(3) You'll need to login to access the File Download Pages and the other members-only sections of the PIA Branding Program. For this you'll need your username (PIA National ID#) and your password (last name of your agency's actual PIA National member). These can be obtained in a few different ways: (1) If we have your email address simply enter it here /portal/Reminder.aspx (2) Your PIA National ID# is located above your name on the mailing label of the PIA Connection magazine that is sent to your office. (3) Complete our online Member ID# request form.

If this is the first time you've logged in to PIA National's website, you'll be asked to review your contact information first. Please make any necessary changes and click "Save Profile." A valid email address is required, as this will enable you to retrieve your username/password via email in the future. You can also change your username/password at this time.

(4) Before you access the File Download Page, you'll be asked to accept the PIA Branding Program's Terms of Use and PIA's Logo Use Guidelines.

(5) The File Download Page is the place where, you guessed it, you can download print and radio ads for your agency. Take a moment to bookmark the page (add it to your "Favorites") so that you can avoid accepting the Terms of Use in the future.

(5a) Print Ads: On the print ad File Download Page you'll see photos of each ad as well as links for all available sizes/colors. Click on a link to open and save the high-resolution PDF file of the ad. If you are planning to use multiple ads, it may be easier to simply email the web address of each of the individual ads to your newspaper or printer. You'll find simple instructions on the File Download Page.

Each of the print ads contains a blank space where your publications (for ads) or printers (for flyers) can overlay your logo and contact information. This should not be a problem for most publications or printers, however, you are advised to clarify this point prior to signing any contracts for advertising or printing.

After you've started using PIA's ads, please send us a newspaper clipping of your ad or a printed flyer with a description of how it was used to receive a free PIA 75th anniversary lapel pin (while supplies last).

(5b) Radio Ads: On the radio ad File Download Page you'll find resources for using the radio ads and links to broadcast-quality MP3 files of each ad. Follow the instructions for downloading the ads and sending them to your local radio stations.

Each of PIA's radio ads includes space at the end to include your agency contact information. Most radio stations have a sound studio and a voice-over professional that can "tag" your ads at no additional cost. High profile radio talent may require an additional fee. You can also voice your own tags to give it a personal touch.

Most of PIA's radio advertisements are intended to be 30 seconds when finished. We have pre-recorded the first 18-22 seconds of each ad, leaving the remaining time for you to identify your agency. If you have additional information about your agency that you'd like to include in your ads, simply extend the length of your tagline to fit a 60 second spot. You can also add a shorter tagline to the end of two of PIA's ads and then run them back-to-back to fill 60 seconds.

Scripts of each PIA radio ad are available on the file download page. You are welcome to record the ads in your own voice or someone else's voice. This is particularly helpful if your voice may be recognized from other radio ads you have run or if you are planning to use the voice of someone known in your radio market.

Send us a preview of your finished ad with a description of how it was used to receive a free PIA 75th anniversary lapel pin (while supplies last).

(6) Still have a question? Please contact Alexi Papandon at 703-518-1353 or

PIA Branding Program

"Local Agents Serving Main Street America" (SM) collectively describes the membership of the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents and it's affiliate associations.  It is not part of the brand or trademark, is not intended to speak for, and should not be confused with The Main Street America Group, also known as MSA Group, or its subsidiary companies.  The MSA Group and its subsidiaries have offered insurance exclusively through independent insurance agents since 1923.  MSA Group continues to be a long-time active participant in PIA's company councils at the PIA National and PIA affiliate levels.

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