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How Important Is Your Relationship with Your Customers?

Many of us have received letters from financial institutions informing us that our personal data may have been compromised. We feel angry, frustrated and...
May 26, 2010

Many of us have received letters from financial institutions informing us that our personal data may have been compromised.  We feel angry, frustrated and wonder how this could happen.  We wonder why these institutions have not been more careful with their customers' data.  Good customer relationships are the key to any business success.  Many of us naturally consider what would happen if there was an incident with data for some of our customers.  How well would we be prepared to handle the situation?

It is Friday afternoon and one of your producers calls in to let you know that his laptop has been lost or stolen from the restaurant where he met with one of your customers.  How do you respond?  How can you find out what customer data may have been on the laptop?  Sure you have a policy that no customer data should be on laptops.  But can you validate that?

45 states have general business data privacy regulations.*  These regulations may require you to inform your customers that their data may have been compromised.  If you cannot validate which customers' data may have been on the computer, you may have to inform all of your customers of a potential data breach.  Typically there is a fine due for each customer record that may have been compromised.  You then have to share with your customers the plan that you have to ensure that this type of incident will not happen again. 

Your customers are critical to your business and you want to make sure that you have a plan to protect their data and know that the plan is effective.  Many agencies are turning to Data Protective Services to help with this effort.

"Even though we access customer information via a web-based agency management application and our policy is to have no customer information on these laptops, we feel that DPS gives us the means to monitor and audit compliance with our data security policy.  In addition, if a laptop falls into the wrong hands, we have added protection provided by the remote lock-down capability."

--June Taylor, National Director, PIA Tennessee and Owner, Wilkinson Insurance.

With low cost of ownership and no requirement for IT resources, with Data Protective Services you can have a fully automated security policy audit that will allow you to:

  • Monitor and audit what data is stored on any computer in your agency.
  • Correct situations not in compliance with your data security policy.
  • Lock down computers that fall into the wrong hands or are accessed by people that do not have your best interests at heart (a disgruntled employee or an agent that is leaving and going to a competitor).

You can start to have better control of what is happening with your customer data.  You can do this at a time that is convenient for you.

Click here for additional information or to get Data Protective Services.

* The privacy laws and regulations discussed here apply to commercial endeavors generally, and are in addition to any insurance industry specific data security requirements that may apply in the states in which you do business.

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