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Reaching Gen Y And Making The Internet Work For You

We know how important it is for agencies to attract customers and clients in the Gen Y age group (20 - 35 years of...
May 31, 2010


We know how important it is for agencies to attract customers and clients in the Gen Y age group (20 - 35 years of age). We also appreciate the value of the Internet as a tool agencies can use for marketing and communication on their own behalf. That is why this new online tool is so important and the reason that PIA National and The Partnership have chosen to support the research and development which have gone into its creation. This website is designed to cover 4 major areas:

First, the "Reaching Gen Y" section discusses:

  • Gen Y and your agency
  • What Gen Y is looking for
  • What you can do to reach them
  • And whether or not Gen Y is only interested in price.

The information agents will find in each of these sections is based on the results of our Gen Y Focus Group research. They may be surprised to learn how compatible the Gen Y age group is with what their agency has to offer. And as agents learn more, they'll also appreciate the value of the Internet in reaching this age group.

Within the "Gen Y Focus Group Research" section, you'll first be provided with background about our groundbreaking Gen Y focus group research - the first of its kind to examine Gen Y attitudes and how this important age group relates to insurance purchases through professional independent insurance agencies. Agents will also be able to hear what focus group participants had to say - in their own words - with both actual audio clips and in written form from our transcripts. Focus group members also answered key questions in writing - covering areas such as: the way in which they use the Internet, their opinions and response to various sample agency websites and their preferences when it comes to dealing with insurance.

The "Your Agency and The Internet" area of our website can help agents review and improve their own agency's use of the Internet as an important business tool. They'll have the opportunity to compare and evaluate their own agency website and how it can function as a key communications vehicle - telling customers about the agency… who they are… what they have to offer and why customers do business with them. Our Easy Button Solutions (currently being developed) help simplify how individual agencies can use Internet tools to their own best advantage.

In the "Tools and Resources" area, they'll find plans and guidance for agencies. This section is designed to help agents implement change within the agency. And, the "Internet Information Resource Center" covers important topics from website design to social media marketing.

We also provide a reference section which lists books and online sources of information that can help agents explore a variety of topics in greater depth.

We understand that reaching the Gen Y age group is vitally important to the future of PIA members.

And, learning how, and why, to make the Internet work for them and their own agencies has never been more important.

We have developed this new online resource to help our members succeed!

Click here to find this new tool online on the PIA National Website. 

You can also view the Gen Y flyer here.