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PIA Product Spotlight: Franchise Value

Agoragate is an online solution to enhance your online marketing efforts
September 4, 2012

Agoragate is an online solution to enhance your online marketing efforts.

Agoragate has been constructed to protect your investment.

As an Agoragate client, you will be the only agent that is named for the product line you select (Auto, Home, Life, Health, and Long-Term Care) in your selected zip code.

Once you have selected a ZIP code as the center of your marketing territory for that particular product, no other agent can select that ZIP code as the center of their marketing territory. As searchers are matched geographically to the closest agent, this area exclusivity works to your benefit.

Agoragate has restricted the total number of agent microsites they will provide in any one state, based on population. This is done so that the number of responses you receive will not be diluted.

If you select Commercial as your product line you will be allowed to select an SIC code or a major coverage. Each SIC code or major coverage will be sold to only one agent in each state.

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You can learn more about Agoragate at or, or see Agoragate in action at

Weekly Webinar: Do you want to learn more about Agoragate? PIA sponsors a free informational webinar every week. Register for an upcoming webinar at

Agoragate has been officially endorsed by PIA National.

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