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Life Insurance Infographic for PIA Members

PIA National has partnered with Agoragate to help local independent insurance agents get found online...
February 21, 2013

Agoragate Life Insurance Facts InfographicPIA National has partnered with Agoragate to help local independent insurance agents get found online. In connection with PIA and Agoragate’s partnership, PIA members can benefit from Agoragate’s information graphics, also known as “infographics,” on

Agoragate’s insurance-related infographics can be used for networking and to link agents with potential insurance-buyers on the Internet.

Presenting current, relevant information is the key to creating a successful infographic. This is why Agoragate has designed a life insurance infographic that contains timely data on life insurance coverage and facts like: “6 of 10 consumers can’t remember being offered to buy life insurance in the last 2 years.” Since around 70% of people who want to buy insurance begin their search online, an infographic with up-to-date information that appears towards the top of a search engine results page can attract potential customers interested in working with a local agent who has blogged about, linked to, or shared an infographic.

When people see compelling, useful information presented in a visually-captivating manner, they are inclined to share it with others. This makes infographics an especially useful marketing tool for agents.

How can you use an infographic? Agents can Tweet an infographic, Pin it on Pinterest, post it on their agency’s Facebook page, or link to it through a blog post. Infographics are a valuable piece of social media because they can be linked and posted again and again. By sharing an infographic online, or in an email campaign, agents can receive comments, shares, and “Likes” from other agents, including their current and prospective clients, building connections and potential business.

Learn more and use this infographic. Check out the Enhance Insurance life insurance infographic, along with the code to embed it into a blog post, Facebook, or other social media, here.

To learn more about PIA’s member benefit program with Agoragate, sign up for a brief, free, PIA-sponsored webinar presented by Agoragate’s Vice President, Nicoli Holm. Webinars are held on Thursdays at 2 pm Eastern (1 pm Central, 12 pm Mountain, 11 am Pacific). Sign up here:

Enhance Insurance life insurance infographic

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