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How Can Your Agency Use DocIt™—Your Newest PIA Member Benefit?

Recently PIA announced a cutting-edge partnership with Drivers History that offers many agents the opportunity to save money on MVRs...
October 31, 2013

Recently PIA announced a cutting edge partnership with Drivers History that offers many agents the opportunity to save money on MVRs. This is possible by using DocIT™, a web-based, proprietary database of driver violation data that is available to agents at a fraction of the cost of a typical MVR.

DocIT contains traffic and criminal traffic violation information on drivers sourced directly from court records. DocIT is not an MVR and, unless a carrier has agreed to accept DocIT reports in place of an MVR, DocIT reports cannot be used when binding a policy with your carrier.

So how exactly can agents use DocIT in their agencies? While circumstances will vary in each agency, in different states and with different carriers, here are a few ways DocIT may benefit your agency:

Prequalify/Prescreen: Agents can use the information provided by DocIT to prequalify all applicants, or it can be used as a prescreen in front of your MVR ordering process to point you to the small percentage of drivers who will actually have ratable activity in the quoting process. By identifying those drivers with ratable history, agents will be able to selectively order MVRs, thereby significantly reducing their MVR expense.

Get It Right the First Time: The precise information provided by DocIT lets agents save time by quoting with accurate information the first time ensuring prospective clients are placed with the right insurance company given their risk profile.

Reduce Reliance on Self-reported Driving History: The program’s easy-to-use web portal clearly presents key data, reduces reliance on self-reported driving history, and helps prompt full disclosure at time of quote.

Discover Undisclosed Household Members: Using DocIT you can discover undisclosed household members who have a violation history and gain knowledge of pending (open) violations, like a recent DUI.

Improve Your Loss Ratio: With DocIT you will bring value to the carriers you represent by improving your loss ratio and cutting down on incorrectly placed drivers. This will benefit your bottom line.

PIA members can access DocIT’s traffic violation information for as little as 75¢ per transaction.* Compare that to the price of an MVR!

Learn More:

To learn more about DocIT and to register for a free informational webinar, please visit PIA National’s website at

Have a question or want to get started with DocIT? Contact Erin Reilly at Drivers History at 856.673.1286 or

DocIT is not available in all states.

DocIT is available exclusively to PIA members.

* A one-year subscription is required with a $50/month minimum. See DocIT’s Terms of Use for complete details.