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Boost Referrals With Wall Calendars

In the world of promotional calendars, the wall calendar reigns supreme...
July 10, 2014

In the world of promotional calendars, the wall calendar reigns supreme. Not only do many people put them on their walls at home and at work, studies show that most people will only buy a calendar if someone doesn’t give them a free promotional calendar first*.

mines press 2015 calenders 071014The same study shows that people who use just one advertising calendar have a 49% likelihood of referring the company that gave them the calendar to a friend or associate. Think of what that means: 1 lead for every 2 calendars, and that’s if the person only refers you one time!

So not only does the wall calendar reign supreme, it also rains referrals. Just imagine your agency’s contact information in front of your clients 365 days per year, building your brand and generating referrals.

As a PIA member, you can save 10% when ordering your 2015 promotional calendars through The Mines Press. The PIA member discount applies to all of their promotional calendar products: wall calendars, diaries, planners, desk calendars, greeting card calendars, wallet cards, stick-on calendars and other calendar items. Just make sure to place your order by August 31 to receive the PIA member discount.

Two ways to order your 2015 promotional calendars:

  1. Visit and use Discount Code PIA14 when you purchase online.
  2. To order by phone, call The Mines Press at 1-800-447-6788 and tell them you want the PIA member discount (Discount Code PIA14).

Whether you order online or by phone, you must place your order by August 31, 2014 to receive the 10% discount.

* Source: Promotional Products Association International: A Study Of Calendar Usage In U. S. Households (2010) and A Study Of Calendar Usage In The Workplace (2011)

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