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Marketing Tip: Promotional Calendars Work for C/L and P/L

Many agents swear by the age old brand building and referral magic of promotional calendars...
July 3, 2014

mines press 2015 Golf CalenderMany agents swear by the age old brand building and referral magic of promotional calendars. If you’re not one of them—or if you are considering reallocating this part of your marketing budget—here’s some information that may change your mind (from recent studies conducted by the Promotional Products Association International*):

  • Almost eight out of 10 business respondents (78 percent) and households (79 percent) surveyed reported having a printed calendar at work/home.
  • Eighty-two percent of households and 79 percent of business respondents enjoy receiving calendars as a complimentary gift. Respondents were most likely to keep and use wall calendars, followed by desk calendars and the calendar in a day planner.
  • Seventy-eight percent of households that had a printed calendar at home had at least one advertising calendar.
  • Only 24 percent of those respondents who had a print calendar at work stated that their calendars were not an advertising calendar. Thirty-seven percent reported having one advertising calendar while 39 percent reported having two or more advertising calendars at work.
  • Of those business respondents who reported having just one advertising calendar, 75 percent could remember the name of the company advertised and 77 percent could remember the product or service/message advertised. Moreover, 77 percent had done business with the company that gave them the calendar prior to receipt of the complimentary calendar and 78 percent plan to do business with the company again. Forty-nine percent have referred the company who gave them the calendar to somebody else. Figures for household respondents were similar.
  • Most respondents revealed that they would purchase a calendar only if they did not get one for free – a free advertising calendar.
  • Insurance agencies were among the top industries that respondents report as those giving promotional or advertising calendars.

As you can see, the return on investment for a promotional calendar order can be immense. Even better, the typical order for promotional calendars is in the hundreds, not thousands, of dollars. This number gets even smaller when you order promotional calendars through the PIA/Mines Press program and take advantage of the PIA member discount.

PIA Member Discount: Through August 31, PIA members can receive a 10% discount on their 2015 promotional calendars ordered through The Mines Press. This discount applies to personalized wall calendars, diaries, planners, desk calendars, greeting cards, wallet cards, stick-on calendars and other calendar items.

Order Information: To see the full line of Mines Press promotional calendars and to receive your 10% PIA member discount:

  1. Visit and use Discount Code PIA14when you purchase online.
  2. To order by phone, call The Mines Press at 1-800-447-6788 and tell them you want the PIA member discount (Discount Code PIA14).

Whether you order online or by phone, you must place your order by August 31, 2014 to receive the 10% discount.

* A Study Of Calendar Usage In U. S. Households (2010) and A Study Of Calendar Usage In The Workplace (2011) PIA

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