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Streamline Your Auto Insurance Quoting Process

Discover what many PIA members across America have...
December 16, 2015

Discover what many PIA members across America have—the many advantages of bringing DocIT for Agents to your quoting process. Using DocIT for Agents’ driver violation information, PIA members can help applicants for auto insurance policies recall their motor vehicle violations, find undisclosed drivers in a household, and better place drivers with the right auto insurance carrier earlier in the quoting process. As a result, agents are saving time quoting auto insurance, reducing MVR chargeback fees from carriers and other MVR costs, and making auto insurance sales more profitable for their agency.

To learn more about DocIT for Agents take a look at our recent interview with Erin Reilly of Drivers History. PIA members can contact Drivers History at 856.673.1286 or

Additional information, including the dates and times of upcoming PIA member webinars, can also be found on PIA National's website at

DocIT for Agents is not available in all states.

DocIT for Agents is available exclusively to PIA members.

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