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Better, Faster, For Less Money

(3/28/2006) What makes a good member benefit? Some let you conduct business better so you can capture sales you might not otherwise be able to make.... full story

Putting the Plus in "PIA Plus"

(3/21/2006) In the rush to learn about the many insurance and financial products in the PIA Main Street Store, it is easy to overlook the "PIA... full story

PIA of Florida Forum to Look At Markets, Looming Hurricanes

(3/21/2006) Challenges like disappearing markets, looming hurricanes and the quest to add more to the bottom line will all be addressed during a PIA of Florida... full story

No Pain, No Gain - Debunked

(3/21/2006) Whoever coined the phrase "no pain, no gain" must not have known about PIA's credit card program through MBNA. PIA cardholders not only build valuable... full story

Are You Meeting Your Goals for Personal Lines Growth?

(3/21/2006) Now that we are well into 2006, many agencies are taking the opportunity to review their new business growth to date and make projections for... full story

Online Skills Courses: Buy in Bulk and Save!

(3/17/2006) With PIA's online education, agencies can pre-purchase "bundles" of discounted Professional Skills Courses for agency personnel. This is a great way to pre-plan... full story

Taking Courses on PIA's Website Has Never Been Easier

(3/01/2006) You may have already noticed recent changes to the PIA online education website that make it even easier for insurance professionals to take world-class skills.... full story

PIA Western Alliance Forms Charitable Foundation

(2/28/2006) The PIA Western Alliance has formed the PIA Western Alliance Community Foundation, a partnership formed by the member agents and independent insurers to invest ... full story

Avoiding Employee Lawsuits - A Brief for Agency Principals

(2/22/2006) Lawsuits and EEOC complaints for sexual harassment, diversity-related employee discrimination and performance-based discipline discrimination are a major threat... full story

Deadline This Week for PIA Awards Nominations

(2/22/2006) On April 8, 2006 PIA will be presenting the PIA National Professional Agent of the Year Award, the PIA National Customer Service Representative (CSR)... full story

Small Investment, Big Return

(2/15/2006) - Best's Review, November 2004. "By leveraging insurer- sponsored e-learning tools, insurers and their agents have at their disposal a flexible alternative to c... full story

NEW MEMBER BENEFIT: PIA Members Now Get Rough Notes Agency OnLine At Lowest Cost

(2/14/2006) PIA has negotiated a special agreement with The Rough Notes Company (publisher of Rough Notes magazine) to make new subscriptions for The Rough Notes Agency... full story

NEW MEMBER BENEFIT: Beating the High Cost of Licensing - PIA Member-Only 15% Discount

(2/14/2006) Based on studies conducted by PIA and other industry organizations, multi-state insurance agencies on average dedicate a substantial portion of the time of one ... full story

"Business Drivers" That Drive Your Business

(2/10/2006) Every company knows - or should know - that its human capital really is capital. Employees generate revenue when they... full story

PIA Provides Unlimited Opportunities

(2/10/2006) By Leonard C. BrevikExecutive Vice PresidentNational Association of Professional Insurance Agents The vision statement of the National Association of Profession... full story

PIA of Ohio Letter Leads Taft to Call for Review of Ads in Vehicle Registration Renewals

(2/08/2006) Ohio Governor Bob Taft (R) says the inclusion of an ad for a major insurance company in mailings from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles... full story

Ohio Gov. Taft Orders Review of Ads for Auto Insurance in State Registration Renewals

(2/07/2006) WASHINGTON, February 7, 2006 - You get your vehicle registration renewal notice in the mail. It says you must certify that you have... full story

PIA National Issues Call for Award Nominations

(2/01/2006) Nominations are being accepted between now and February 24, 2006 for PIA National's Professional Agent of the Year Award, the PIA National Customer Service Repr... full story

PIA of Ohio Protests Insurance Ads in Vehicle Registration Renewals

(2/01/2006) PIA of Ohio is speaking out on behalf of independent insurance agents and consumers in the state by objecting to auto insurance advertisements being included...... full story

PIA and Rough Notes Magazine Announce Inaugural National Young Insurance Professional Award

(1/31/2006) WASHINGTON, January 31, 2006 - The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA National) and Rough Notes magazine have announced the creation o... full story