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A New Name for a Longstanding, Successful Partnership

For several years now, it has been my pleasure to work with PIA National through its Company Council of Executive Officers (CCEO). This unique...
September 6, 2006

Shelly DiegelBy Shelly Diegel
Chairman of The Partnership, formerly the PIA-CCEO

For several years now, it has been my pleasure to work with PIA National through its Company Council of Executive Officers (CCEO). This unique forum enables participating insurance companies such as, AIG Agency Auto, The Central Insurance Companies, Drive Insurance from Progressive, The Hartford, Liberty Regional/Agency Markets, Main Street America Group, MetLife Auto & Home, Travelers Property Casualty, and the company I represent, Zurich, to work with PIA staff and volunteer leadership to address a wide variety of important issues that affect both companies and agents.

While CCEO has the word "council" in its name, it really is a partnership. And,  I am pleased to announce that during your Federal Legislative Summit in Washington D.C., our group met and voted to create a new name which more clearly states our goal and purpose. Our new name, "The Partnership" expresses this - simple and to the point.

We chose "The Partnership" because it clearly identifies our group as agents and companies working together on issues of mutual benefit and importance. Our current focus is on agency perpetuation and ownership transfer. PIA leadership has identified this as an issue of critical importance and we, as companies, couldn't agree more.

The tool we are developing is named "Perpetuation Central" and it is a resource center. Choosing your own agency's "entry point" for perpetuation or ownership transfer, Perpetuation Central will help you develop a checklist of important considerations, develop a plan and locate resources that are available to help you implement your plan.

As agents and as PIA members you are able to appreciate better than most the potential of an effective and cooperative partnership. As you will see through the development of our Perpetuation Central project, we are addressing tangible, every-day business issues of importance for agencies. What could be more important than planning for the future of your agency?

Working together through The Partnership, we can realize the potential of what we can accomplish - today and in the future.

Shelly Diegel is Chairman of The Partnership, formerly the PIA-CCEO.

What is Perpetuation Central?

PIA and The Partnership have created Perpetuation Central as an online reference and resource center for agencies to access as they plan and take steps to implement agency perpetuation or other forms of agency ownership transfer.

Perpetuation Central is being previewed by PIA National and affiliate leadership during our annual meeting in Savannah, Georgia September 7-10, 2006. We will make an announcement shortly regarding its availability to PIA members in late September.

It offers step-by-step guidance and assistance in identifying issues to be considered, creating a plan and locating available resources.

Perpetuation Central helps agency owners determine their needs, create a working plan and find the resources they need for both short term and long term plans.

This involves a series of steps that will allow an agency or individual to create a customized approach - whether looking to change agency ownership 10 years from now, or respond to an emergency today.

As a part of this process, Perpetuation Central will present in-depth video interviews featuring PIA member agencies currently in the process of making successful perpetuation transitions. It will also provide downloadable transcripts of 30-40 minute interviews conducted with expert perpetuation and agency management consultants focusing on the planning process.

Watch for an announcement regarding our roll-out timetable for this important new PIA member benefit made possible through The Partnership.

PIA Connection

This article originally appeared in the September 2006 PIA Connection.

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