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Agency Touch Points

Brought to you by The PIA Partnership and its member companies

Agency Touch Points Home Page Banner1 .gifIs personal lines insurance just about price? Is it a mere commodity? Is personalized choice and service a thing of the past?

NO!!! New research by The PIA Partnership shows that insurance customers want what independent agents offer. In scientifically validated surveys of insurance customers across the country, The PIA Partnership found that:

  • customers want value beyond price
  • customers want regular proactive contact to help them be assured that their insurance coverage is comprehensive and up to date
  • customers want other things that only independent insurance agents can provide

TAKE THE QUIZ! A brief 6 question quiz on our Agency Touch Points quiz website takes agents through highlights of the survey and results, providing new insight on commonly held misconceptions that many independent agency personnel have been using to guide their personal lines sales and service.

PIA members need to take this quiz. And anyone in the agency who deals directly with personal lines customers needs to take this quiz. The results will most likely surprise you!

ALREADY TAKEN THE QUIZ? If you've already taken the quiz, then you are ready to access the complete Agency Touch Points website. Since insurance customers have expressed their desire for proactive attention to their insurance needs, they are opening the door to enhanced opportunity for your agency. The full website offers a variety of revenue building tools and resources agencies can use to maximize their “touch point” opportunities with customers and prospects.

Follow the appropriate link below to access the complete Agency Touch Points website:

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